Sales & Rental Locations

Novalja, Island Pag   |    Njivice, Island Krk     |   Zagreb International Airport

Novalja, Island Pag

Located on the beautiful island of Pag, we are merely footsteps from the best standup paddling areas in the croatian adriatic sea. As well as a short walk to Zrce Beach, home of some of the biggest music festivals in croatia. 

for thouse needing accommodations, our state-of-the-art apartment buildings can accommodate up to 60 visitors.     


Njivice, Island Krk

Located on the gorgeous and historic island of krk, we are based seaside in the village town of njivice.  We are located just steps from the crystal clear waters of the bay, where we have numerous amazing areas for pristine paddle boarding. 


Zagreb International Airport

Located in the rental car facility of "aaaaa", you can now rent your inflatable sup board kit directly from the same location that you rent your car.  and, best of all, you can return it when you return your car.