Standup Paddle boards for every occasion.


           touring - $1399

our 12' 6" x 31" x 6" touring board is a custom designed sup board with luxury touring in mind.  it has many features that other boards do not. such as extra tie-down points for your gear, a full-deck pad so you can carry your dog, extra d-rings and tip/tail bungie cords for storage. 


                   cruiser - $1399

our all-around sup board is an amazing board option for our friends that want to go have fun on a sup board that offers the most stability and a great workout.  or for those that just want to go cruise around a cove or to seek out secrets spots that others cannot get to by land.    


     yoga - $1399

our custom designed yoga board is amazing for all our yoga practicing friends. as well as for those that like to go for a fun paddle without needing to use another board. Our yoga boards are stable and easy/fun to use.  

What's included in a "straight-to-water" SUP Kit?