Customized Week

Customized Week


Please contact us directly so that we can best understand your desired needs. Please note that custom retreats are booked as a group or family and are a minimum of 4 and can be as large as 25 or more. Our custom retreats are often prepared for Family’s or Corporations, and of course, for those bespoke individuals that want a highly unique experience not found in normal holiday travel trips.

On our Custom Retreats, we pride ourselves in sharing with you locations that are not on a typical list of go-to-see tourist places. Although we do add a few of those locations in just to make sure you’ve got them checked off your bucket list.

Each trip is highly unique and is built to match your requests, so please use your wildest imagination and we’ll do the rest.

Please click this “Contact Link Here” to be taken to the contact page to send your request. Thank you.

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