Living a Unique and Well Balanced Life...


When we set out to create the Adriatic Adventure Academy, we knew it had to include the key principals of what we believe in within our own lives. 

Family. Friends. Laughter. Honesty. Quality of Life. Balance. Great food and Adventure.

While the Adriatic Adventure Academy is a big idea of creating a community of like minded friends from around the world, we also know that it takes hard work and perseverance to accomplish this task.

We hope that you feel as we do, in that our planet is made of us all, regardless of nationality, gender or race.  We are all from one place, and this is all of our home.  And, we all need to take a moment and give thanks and appreciation to her- our mother earth.

Through our efforts at the Academy, we plan to bring broad awareness of Conservation and Preservation around our most precious resource, Clean Water.  And, we truly hope that you will not only join us in this effort, but support the programs that we create.

To all of our health & happiness,

                                        Your Adriatic Adventure Academy family...