Kornaten Kroatien

Come and explore the magical world of Croatia, where you’ll leave your daily routine of life behind and immerse yourself in a world of wonder.

Jump into the warm Adriatic Sea waters, walk the cobblestone pathways of the old world with your camera, marvel at the Architecture of the Italian, Greek and Austrian Masters and hike the age old trails that lead to breath-taking views.


Beautiful sunset with Rovinj harbor,Istria region,Croatia,Europe

Experience local foods and culinary delights that give new meaning to Fresh and Flavorful. Allow us to share the local way of life and take you back to a time where your meal is hearty and prepared with a caring touch. Where the service is with an honest smile and you feel as though you’re at home with family.

Croatia is truly a land of exquisite exploration and its culture stems from centuries of tradition and heritage.

old Istrian town in Porec, Croatia.

-Our Commitment to You-

There comes a point in all our lives we must get off the ‘merry-go-round’ and take care of ourselves. Including the detox from the modern digital world of electronic devices. We know long work weeks take their toll, even though none of us believe they do. The digital world has disrupted our lives in so many ways we never knew they would, but now it’s time to breathe in freshness and unplug.

Join our adventure or photography retreat, and you will be engulfed in the warm hospitality of Croatia and her incredible culture, community, heritage, food, seasides, art and architecture. Enjoy the freshest Mediterranean cuisines and bask in the warm Adriatic waters. Or perhaps you’d prefer a little yachting or sailing to take the edge off.

Our mission is very simple. It is to create a tranquil mindfulness that only comes from your stepping out of your daily digital life and igniting that youthful flame buried deep inside you again.

Welcome to Croatia and the Adriatic Academy. And welcome to that well-needed break toward your newly invigorated life.

There are workshops and retreats, and then there’s the Adventure Retreat with the Adriatic Academy. A 10 day week with them is an adventurous trek back in time with locations straight out of ancient textbooks. If you are to do only one retreat in your life- this is the one to do.